Monumental Guide to New York | Monumental 2013
New Guide to San Francisco | California 2013
Close up of Manhattan | New York 2013 poster
New Guide to Manhattan | New York 2013
Unwrapping the Bombay 2012 posters
Rolls of posters by David Ehrenstråhle

Om My Guide to

I en serie grafiska affischer har designern David Ehrenstråhle utformat personliga guider till intressanta städer runt om i världen som inspirerar honom.

Upplagan är limiterad.
Levereras i papphylsor.
Storlekar på poster: 58x100cm och 42x70cm

About My Guide to

In a series of prints, David Ehrenstråhle created a personal travel guide to interesting cities throughout the world that inspires him.

Limited edition.
Delivered in a paper tubes.
Sizes: 58x100 and 42x70